Address of the Rector of Charles University prof. Tomas Zima

Address of the Rector of Charles University prof. Tomas Zima

Prof. MUDr. Tomas Zima, DrSc., MBA, Rector of Charles University fully supports the establishment of a subsidiary. Establishing the CUIP sees it as a milestone that will help many of the unique scientific projects and breakthroughs move faster.

“It is a historical milestone that we are pushing the existing boundaries in the field of financing and practical use of science, research and innovation not only at Charles University but also in the Czech Republic. I believe that, thanks to CUIP, a number of unique scientific projects and discoveries are being put into practice more quickly. Charles University is ranked among the best universities in the world such as Oxford, Louvain and ETH Zurich. I firmly hope that our journey will also be an inspiration for other higher education institutions in our country. “

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