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Lék proti SARS-CoV-2

Oxygen Biotech s.r.o. is an American biotechnology company with Czech roots that has the potential to reduce mortality caused by the severe course of COVID-19 thanks to our technology.

It does this by addressing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The active ingredient is so-called bazedoxifene, which inhibits the signalling of the main trigger of the immune system's overreaction, the so-called cytokine storm.
CUIP has negotiated the sale of the research drug technology developed by the team of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science of Charles University working at the specialised BIOCEV facility.


Founded in mid-2020, GeneSpector s.r.o. is the most economically successful academic spin-off in the Czech Republic. As a result, technology from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University has become available in the vast majority of medical institutions in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

The innovative product in the form of universal sampling kits and viRNAtrap, the flagship transport liquid, has thus brought a much-needed solution to the market in the turbulent times of the pandemic. The quality of the technology is evidenced by the immediate coverage of 34% of the Czech PCR testing market and the subsequent provision of the intensively demanded comprehensive service for laboratory equipment.
CUIP established a spin-off company in record time, which enabled rapid certification and subsequent product launch, while also preparing a successful communication and marketing campaign for the product launch.


LAM-X s.r.o. is a Czech biotechnology company developing light-activated nanomaterials for protection against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. It uses innovative approaches originally developed at the Faculty of Science of Charles University.

The main product is a nanomembrane that generates singlet oxygen when activated by visible light. The efficacy of the LAM-X membrane has been proven in a clinical study, so the membrane can already be used wherever increased efforts to prevent infections caused by surface-transmitted pathogens are desired - in hospitals, sanitation facilities, food manufacturing plants.
Our team consolidated intellectual property from outside the UK and subsequently this academic spin-off company was established. CUIP handled the quality PR that is integral to technology transfer, and co-invested in the further development of LAM-X once the set development milestones were met.


Company GlobeTech Innovation has founded SAIN, a premium cosmetic brand built on technology from the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University's BIOCEV facility. The main active ingredient of the product is alaptide molecule, which affects the physiological regenerative abilities of the skin.

The currently available product is a cosmeceutical range of premium creams, but the development does not end there. The next milestone is obtaining the necessary certification for the use of the technology in healthcare.
CUIP secured the transfer of part of the intellectual property to GlobeTech Innovation. The CUIP team has participated in extensive media coverage and continues to collaborate to develop the technology for medical use.