Advanced publishing system FutureBooks announced at a press conference

The FutureBooks publishing system was presented at the CUIP press conference on 27 September 2022 in the Patriotic Hall of the Karolinum Building. It is based on the knowledge and expertise of the Faculty of Education at Charles University and aims to change the form of modern teaching – it maximizes and facilitates active participation in the learning process. It enables teachers and their pupils or students to create and edit so-called interactive learning media.

Watch the introductory video with English subtitles below. App is natively in English, although web currently only in Czech.

or read an adapted version of the press release below.

New spin-off company of Charles University builds the foundations of humanities transfer and will change the course of modern education

September 27, 2022 – The Faculty of Education at Charles University, with the help of a subsidiary Charles University Innovations Prague a.s. (CUIP), is launching an innovative publishing system that will change the course of modern teaching. It is called FutureBooks and it is one of the first purely humanities spin-offs in the Czech Republic. The publishing system fully responds to the needs of the digital age and targets everyone who is part of the university campus. Among its many features, it will enable everything from the creation of teaching materials and publications to their online sale.

Through the FutureBooks platform, it is possible to create, edit and sell interactive learning media. These will make it easier for all users in the academic world to take the most active part in the learning process. It targets both students who can manage their own learning materials, as well as teachers and academic institutions, for whom the platform will enable a wide range of functions from collaborative publications creation to distributing them through their own e-shop.

Interactive Learning Media (ILM)
ILMs are the core of the entire publishing system, the basic unit for the entire platform. No matter who you are creating the material for, the modular design of the publishing system will offer a variety of attributes that can be assigned to the material. From categories, tags, to SEO and publishing information. Individual ILMs will also provide authors with the ability to customize the availability of the material. In this way, each author can decide whether to leave the publication free to read, for example, or whether it will be protected by one of the license keys. Users can then purchase licenses via the implemented e-shop.

The very uniqueness of ILMs stems, as the name suggests, from their interactivity. It is this key feature that is intended to ensure the user’s direct participation in the learning process and thus help to convey a better understanding of the world than just theoretical abstraction. Components such as graphs, 3D models or pop-ups and an overall responsive design that transforms ordinary scripts, as well as simple electronic text into material that maximizes student engagement and interest. In addition, other content such as video streams, images or music can be added to FutureBooks. Readers will be able to view those either through the web, progressive web apps available for all platforms, or through hybrid apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Full version of the press release can be found here (CZ only). Contact us in case of any further questions.

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