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CUIP in collaboration with you
  • We will ensure that your faculty is informed.
We will handle the legal obligation together.
Notice of invention - view the document HERE
We will arrange a meeting together.
In your workplace, if you prefer. First personal contact with the CUIP analytical team.
  • The CUIP team will prepare a market analysis and research of the invention itself.
  • Selection and choice of how to apply the technology in the market.
  • Finding a commercial partner.
Together we implement feedback from the application sphere.
  • Industrial verification of the technology.
    Typically a prototype.
  • Commercialization itself:
    licensing technology / selling technology / founding a spin-off company
  • Publicity:
    Media coverage of the technology is also part of a successful technology transfer.
    Together with you, we will raise the public awareness of your scientific results.
The scientist and faculty receives a share from the commercialization.
Share, as well as the whole process, is governed by the Rector's policies 46/2018 and 47/2018.
CUNI net yield Author's share Faculty's share CUIP's share
under 1 mil. CZK 55% 30% 15%
from 1 mil. to 5 mil. CZK 40% share above 1 mil. CZK 40% share above 1 mil. CZK 20% share above 1 mil. CZK
over 5 mil. CZK 25% share above 5 mil. CZK 45% share above 5 mil. CZK 30% share above 5 mil. CZK

Success stories

Charles Games

The indie game studio Charles Games s.r.o. was founded in 2020 in Prague to accelerate the transformation of the working group at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the Faculty of Arts of Charles University into a full-fledged development team with commercial ambitions. At the same time, its task is to provide support to the projects of Charles University students.

Among the achievements of Charles Games studio stand out the award-winning historical and educational titles about the turbulent Czech history during World War II - Attentat 1942 and Svoboda 1945: Liberation. The team has also developed its own Charles Engine, for example, with which even people without any knowledge of code can tell educational stories in an interactive game format.
CUIP secured the launch of Charles Games - as a major investor and founding partner. The developers have worked closely with, among others, historians from the Czech Academy of Sciences and People in Need.

Lék proti SARS-CoV-2

Oxygen Biotech s.r.o. is an American biotechnology company with Czech roots that has the potential to reduce mortality caused by the severe course of COVID-19 thanks to our technology.

It does this by addressing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The active ingredient is so-called bazedoxifene, which inhibits the signalling of the main trigger of the immune system's overreaction, the so-called cytokine storm.
CUIP has negotiated the sale of the research drug technology developed by the team of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science of Charles University working at the specialised BIOCEV facility.

Lingvistický software

Geneea Analytics s.r.o. has been developing artificial intelligence for text processing and analysis since 2019, using technology from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University (MFF UK).

As a result, its software also enables robotic text generation and image matching according to the detected context. In practice, the developers cooperate with the Economia and ČTK publishing houses. With its prototype, it initially caught the attention of tech giant Google, which supported its activities with a grant.
CUIP provided a multi-license to the software tools of MFF UK used not only by Internet corporations but also, for example, by the banking sector.