Managing Board

Otomar Slama

Ota studied Public Policy in Research, Development and Innovation, International Relations and European Studies and holds an MBA with a specialization in business. He has drawn experience from both the public and private sectors, establishing several business companies. He has been involved in the field of technology transfer for several years, during which he earned the prestigious “Registered Technology Transfer Professional” certification from the global ATTP alliance.
As Chairman of the Board, you may mostly find Ota at lectures where he shares his experience from CUIP or at the Rector’s Board, of which he is a member for the Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Security area.

Otomar Sláma, MBA, MPA
Chairman of the Board
Martina Belfinova

Martina graduated from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague with a degree in Operations and Economics and followed it up by studying industrial law at the Industrial Property Office. She worked as an assistant to a patent attorney for nineteen years, and gained further work experience in various sectors of the commercial sector in sales, purchasing and HR.

At CUIP, as Executive Assistant, she plays a key role in ensuring the efficient running of the organization. She is responsible for the areas of planning, organization, communication with internal and external partners and project management synergy.

Marina Belfínová
Executive Assistant
Michal Pohludka

Michal earned a PhD in molecular biology and is an author of several books on biomedicine and corporate management. For over ten years he worked in various management positions at the global American company Bio-Rad Laboratories.
He combined his experience in both fields to manage the biotech spin-off companies GeneSpector and GeneSpector Innovations, which became globally successful and exceeded 500 million CZK in sales in their first 500 days of operation. At CUIP, he is a member of the Board and uses his experience to help navigate the commercial potential of selected technologies.

Michal Pohludka, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M.
Vice Chairman of the Board
Olena Povkhanych

Olena graduated in Economic and Culture Studies from Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and spent spent a year abroad in Iceland where she became a member of a committee organising student events.

During her studies, she gained her work experience primarily in the private sector, where she was part of economic and operational teams and also took part in running the HR department.

As a Member of the Board, she is responsible for coordinating company-wide operational, financial and HR matters. She also manages cooperation between the individual teams.

Olena Povkhanych
Member of the Board


Katerina Solcova

Kateřina earned her PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Basel, Switzerland, and has over a decade of experience in academia, specializing in RNA modification and regulation.
Since 2019, she has been actively involved in technology transfer. In her initial years, she was in charge of project management and business development concerning drug research conducted at IOCB. At CUIP, she leads the Business and Legal team, analyzing the scientific and commercial potential of discoveries made at Charles University. She views bridging the academic, investor, and pharmaceutical sectors as a mission that can benefit society.

Kateřina Šolcová, Ph.D., MBA
Chief Business & Technology Officer
Lucie Privetiva

Lucie graduated in a field of International relations and diplomacy and has several years of experience as a consultant in the field of public relations. During her career, she led PR teams at the Academy of Sciences and the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Czech University of Technology in Prague. SShe has been successfully cooperating with Charles University and is responsible for development activities and coordination of the PR department at CUIP. In addition to science communication, she is also active in the non-profit sector.

Lucie Přívětivá
Chief Development Officer & PR Consultant

Business and Legal

Matej Machu

Czech Patent Attorney and European Design Attorney, his technical specialization focuses primarily on mechanics, physics and computer technology.

His academic and scientific work is focused mainly on foreign legal systems, particularly the Anglo-American and Israeli law.

He works as an Intellectual Property Counsel at CUIP and Charles University while teaching at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University and ŠKODA AUTO University.

Matěj Machů, Ph.D.
Patent Attorney for CUIP a.s.
Vojtech Pestuka

Vojtěch, as CUIP’s attorney, is in charge of all legal matters, especially all contractual documentation with our partners. He has been practicing law for more than ten years, which enables him to always find the most effective solution. Within his practice, he handles mainly corporate law, mergers & acquisitions or business litigation.

Alongside his legal practice, he deals with development management including new forms of housing.

Vojtěch Peštuka
Attorney at law for CUIP a.s.
Antonin Kralik

Antonín has nearly a decade of experience in basic and applied research, during which he received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Regensburg and worked as a researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

At CUIP, he is an indispensable part of the Business and Legal team, to which he contributes not only with his knowledge of chemistry but also industrial property, as he also works as a Trainee Patent Attorney.

Antonín Králík, Dr. rer. nat.
Senior Analyst and Patent Specialist
Vladimira Kurucova

Vladimíra provides support to the CUIP legal team while completing her studies at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. During the last five years, she managed to gain diverse experience – working in a law firm, the Ministry of Defence or internships in court. While choosing her future law specialization, she brings a witty Slovak spirit to the team.

Vladimíra Kurucová
Legal Junior
Josef Hascyn

Josef graduated in biochemistry and bioanalytical laboratory diagnostics in healthcare at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.

There he participated in primary research on lipid nanoparticles under the scientific group Chobotix. Since then, he has been working on the development of new diagnostic devices under Charles University and its spin-off company GeneSpector, where he is currently expanding his knowledge in the field of diagnostics in healthcare as a researcher and project manager.

At CUIP, he is responsible for the management of the Tech ZONE platform, which facilitates a connection of researchers and their projects with commercial partners.

Josef Haščyn
Junior Analyst


Aneta Zelenkova

Aneta is a co-pilot of PR consultant Lucie and is currently studying Communication Studies at Charles University. During her studies she gained various marketing and production experience in the media or student projects. At CUIP she takes care of social networks, media materials or web editing.

She can usually be found with a computer in her lap, a phone on her ear or with a band on stage.

Aneta Zelenková
PR Junior
Eva Kubej 1
Eva Kubej
Audiovisual Production


Jiri Heblak

Jiří is the face of our front desk and will probably be the first person you meet in our office. After completing his studies in economics and agribusiness, he participated in an international internship in Denmark and Ireland, where he gradually shifted his focus towards hospitality and customer service. At CUIP he is responsible for the office agenda.

Jiří Heblák
front office assistant


Milan Jakubek, Ph.D.
Alexandr Krajhanzl
Jaroslav Krupica
Prof. Pavel Martásek
Václav Novotný, MBA

Supervisory Board

Prof. Radim Boháč, Ph.D.
Josef Fontana, Ph.D.
Alexander Károlyi
Martin Maňásek
Assoc. Prof. Martin Nečaský, Ph.D.
Prof. František Zahálka, Ph.D.