Managing Board

Otomar Sláma

He graduated in public policy in research, development and innovation, as well as international relations and European studies, and holds an MBA with a specialization in business.

As the second Czech, it received the prestigious RTTP (Registered Technology Transfer Professional) certification from the world alliance ATTP.

He has been lecturing on the beginnings of business, the creation of business plans and the establishment of spin-off companies in the Czech Republic and abroad for several years.

He also gained experience in the private sector, where he founded and ran business companies.

Otomar Sláma, MBA, MPA
chairman of the board
Kateřina Kudrnová
executive assistant to the chairman of the board

Graduated in biochemistry and biotechnology from UCT Prague. He obtained a doctorate in molecular biology at 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. In addition, he holds MBA and LL.M. degrees.

For more than 10 years, he worked in senior management positions in a global company in the field of biotechnology in the region of Central Europe.

He is an author of several books on management strategy. However, he has also devoted himself to popular genre, where his most famous book is “Business trip”, which he wrote under a pen name ŽKV.

To CUIP, he brings expertise in the field of business and strategic development.

Michal Pohludka, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M.
vice-chairman of the board
fontana tym

He studied general medicine at Charles University and also obtained a doctorate in human physiology and pathophysiology there. He is currently a lecturer in medicinal chemistry and biochemistry.

He has been involved in science transfer and research for a long time. He first worked as a
Technology Scout of the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of Charles University and mediated contact with scientists from the 3rd Medical Faculty.

Since 2014, he has been a member of the Rector’s Collegium of Charles University, now as a member of the Rector’s Collegium for Strategy, Analysis and Transfer.

He is a member of the CUIP Board of Directors and facilitates close contact with the University.

Josef Fontana, Ph.D.
member of the board


Czech Patent Attorney and European Design Attorney, his technical specialization focuses primarily on mechanics, physics and computer technology.

His academic and scientific work is focused mainly on foreign legal systems, particularly the Anglo-American and Israeli law.

He works as a Lecturer and Intellectual Property Consultant at CUIP and UK while also teaching at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and SKODA AUTO University.

Matěj Machů, Ph.D.
executive manager and patent attorney for CUIP a.s.

Graduated in Economic and Culture Studies from Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. During her studies she spent a year in Iceland where among other she was a member of Event Committee tasked with organising student events.

She gained her work experience while studying primarily in the private sector, where she was part of the economic and operational teams and also participated in the running of the HR department.

At CUIP, she is responsible for coordinating company-wide matters in operational, financial and personnel matters. She ensures smooth cooperation and communication between individual teams.

Olena Povkhanych
operations manager

Analytics Team

Cuip Antonín Králík

Graduated in medicinal chemistry from UCT Prague. He obtained a doctorate in organic chemistry at the University of Regensburg. Afterwards, he worked as a researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences. He has almost ten years of experience in basic and applied research.

Member of the business-analytical team of CUIP and CKTT. He uses his expertise to look for suitable commercial partners for the application of technologies developed at Charles University.

He also works as a Trainee Patent Attorney and deals with matters of industrial property protection in the field of life-sciences, especially chemistry, biochemistry, and biology.

Antonín Králík, Dr. rer. nat.
senior analyst and patent specialist

Graduated in computer science and electronic engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK and obtained a master in cognitive informatics from the University of Economics in Prague.

Worked in research institutions (CERN, Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Economics Prague) and he has extensive experience in software development and IT consultancy in various fields.

Member of the business analytical team at CUIP. He is responsible for finding suitable commercial partners for applications of research developed at Charles University, especially for the faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Simone Serra

Legal team

Sole practitioner advocate based in Prague with more than ten years of experience in the field.

His focus is mainly on corporate law, M&A, business litigation, and real estate.

Alongside his legal work, he deals with developing a new form of housing, and with a development management.

As a CUIP attorney at law, he is responsible for all its legal matters, especially for the complex preparations of all transaction documentations with our partners. Thanks to his interdisciplinary experiences he is always able to find the most effective solution.

Vojtěch Peštuka
attorney at law for Charles University Innovations Prague a.s.

She deals with law aspects of Intellectual property, especially trademarks.

Her scientific work is focused on foreign legal systems.

She is interested in trademarks in Anglo-American and mixed legal system. She gained experience in public and private sectors. She collaborated with renowned companies on protection of industrial property.

Trademark and law specialist in CUIP and Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of the Charles University. In CUIP, she addresses transfer of intellectual property into commercial sector.

Eva Adlerová, Ph.D.
trademark and legal specialist
silva tym

She is finishing her studies at the Faculty of Law of Charles University, during which she spent a year at the University of Vienna.

She gained her work experience in several law firms focused mainly on commercial law.

At CUIP she provides legal administration for the senior lawyers in the team.

Silvia Hančová
legal junior

PR team

Graduated in a field of International relations and diplomacy. She has been working as a public relation consultant for many years.

She gained a broad spectrum of experiences when managed her own PR team at The Czech Academy of Sciences and CIIRC CTU. She collaborates with Charles University on a long-term basis and specializes also on a nonprofit sector.

In CUIP, she leads PR department.

Lucie Budinová
PR senior
Jakub Zuza

Since the beginning of his studies of communication at Charles University, Jakub has been gathering experience across all disciplines of marketing. He has worked in PR agencies, organized events for a university portal, and currently works on his own startup.

At CUIP he manages the web presentation, social media and prepares media materials for the team.

Jakub Zuza
PR junior
Jan Matějíček

Jan has 9 years of experience in the field of online marketing, including big publishing houses. CUIP has been using this rich knowledge in the production of photo and video content for several years now. He is always trying to approach his work in a creative and fresh way.

Jan Matějíček
audiovisual production


Monika Frantová

Monika came to Charles University from the private sector in 2013 and she has been working in the field of subsidies, funding, and grants for the last 15 years. She has managed projects focused on both basic and applied research as a project manager, financial manager, and administrator.

In CUIP, she is responsible for searching funding opportunities at both national and international level, processing project applications, and administering and managing projects in the implementation phase.

Monika Frantová
project manager


Cuip 1

She studied Foreign Languages for Tourism at the University of Hradec Králové and during her studies she also studied in Paris.

She gained work experience in international corporations in the tourism sector in the Czech Republic and France, as well as in the financial sector, where she was responsible for customer care. She gained experience as a personal and executive assistant working for aristocrats and managers.

At CUIP, she is the right-hand woman to the Chairman of the Board, ensuring the smooth operations of the entire company.

Kateřina Kudrnová
executive assistant to the chairman of the board
Aneta Zelenková

Aneta is a journalism student at Charles University. Thanks to her versatility and determination, she holds the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Bronze Award.

In CUIP, she is the right hand of the Operations Manager and, as an assistant, she is involved in running the entire office.

Aneta Zelenková


Václav Novotný, MBA
Alexandr Krajhanzl
Jaroslav Krupica

Supervisory Board

Martin Fusek
Tomáš Horáček, Ph.D.
František Zahálka, Ph.D.
Evžen Amler
Martin Nečaský
Pavel Doleček, Ph.D.
JUDr. Alexander Károlyi