• Protopine-type alkaloid occurring in opium poppy, Corydalis tubers, and other plants of the family Papaveraceae, such as Fumaria officinalis
  • Metabolically derived from the benzylisoquinoline alkaloid (S)-reticuline
  • Has been shown to exhibit various biological activities, such as inhibition of calcium influx through both voltage and receptor-operated channels and inhibition of rabbit blood platelet aggregation, and possesses anti-cholinergic and anti-histaminic as well as anti-bacterial activities
  • White crystals
  • For research use only. Not for human or veterinary use.

Source: Chelidonium majus, Corydalis cava, Fumaria officinalis, Eschscholzia californica

Purity: 98 %

Pricing for academic institutions*:

  • 5 mg – 1 089 CZK
  • 10 mg – 1 815 CZK
  • 50 mg – 5 445 CZK
  • 100 mg – 7 260 CZK

Other quantities on request.

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