Charles University Innovations Prague a.s.

We implement the transfer of scientific knowledge into everyday life. We are behind the technology transfer of the Charles University and we also provide it for scientists from other institutions. As a subsidiary of the Charles University we have successfully been on the market for 6 years. We implement transfer
across all fields, flexibly and rapidly.

How does CUIP do tech-transfer

Searching for technologies
to commercialize.
Analyzing and verifying applicability.
Finding partners
for the market launch.
Handling monetization
and publicity.
How does CUIP do tech-transfer

Do you want your research to improve the world?

We will help your idea
to the market.

Our spin-offs

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Additive Appearance

Product design is an industry where designers and engineers often rely on physical prototypes. Trends in recent years show that 3D printers are increasingly being used for these needs, producing far more faithful 3D models than hand-painted models. But it’s not just the shape that matters, the colours are also crucial. Additive Appearance, led by experts from the Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, offers unique software for high-quality appearance processing using 3D printers. Higher colour rendering of models and realistic prints will ensure better prototypes without the need to print expensive samples.

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Scientists from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Czech Technical University, working as a team at the Albertov Research Centre, have developed a system that will allow patients to rehabilitate in their home environment without having to necessarily go to an clinic. Flexicare s.r.o. provides know-how and licenses in the field of telemedicine technologies.

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VDI Technologies s.r.o.

VDI Monitor is a technology originating from the Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, from doc. Karol Čuril. The monitor measures and evaluates high-frequency ECG signals, thus improving the quality of medical care for patients with cardiac disorders. It is in the experimental phase with CE certification and is currently being tested, for example, at St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno.

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