Establishment of the Czech-Algerian Partnership

The leading Czech transfer company Charles University Innovations Prague a.s. (CUIP) welcomed an Algerian delegation headed by the Minister of Knowledge Economy and Start-ups, Yacine El-Mahdi Oualid, to its offices on Tuesday 9 May. Establishing cooperation within the Twinning framework, facilitated by the European Union, which will allow a more detailed exchange of information in the knowledge and technology transfer segment.


The discussion focused on the establishment of spin-off companies, whose issues were discussed by the Chairman of the Board of CUIP Otomar Sláma and the CEO of Genespector Innovations Michal Pohludka. Josef Fontana from the Rector’s Board for Strategy, Analysis and Transfer of Charles University, complemented the knowledge about cooperation between the academic and commercial spheres. Together, they also discussed the financing of the early stages of technological development – using both state and private investment sources.

Thanks to the Twinning programme, CUIP will contribute its expertise in the field of knowledge and technology transfer to the development of the Algerian economy, especially in the areas of start-up companies and technology development.

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