First Czech on the commission advising European technology transfer professionals

Otomar Sláma, Chairman of the CUIP Board of Directors, became the first Czech member of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) of the European Association of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Professionals ASTP.

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Thanks to the close connection of the committee and the professionals to whom the PDC is dedicated, Otomar will be at the forefront of the career development of the industry’s experts. He will thus be involved in the preparation of training and master-classes or in the organization of training events. It is our great pride that we can be in closer contact with the technology transfer sector all over Europe thanks to Otomar.

You’ll be working with gifted and talented professionals, the future of the industry, all of whom will pass through your hands.

Jeff Skinner, a long-time member of the PDC and former Executive Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Equity at London Business School, congratulated Otomar on his success.

If you’re interested in meeting top experts in the field, visit ASTP’s training courses page to learn everything you need to experience technology transfer firsthand.

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